A Brooklyn Haunting: When the Paranormal Chooses YOU

A Brooklyn Haunting

Man shares photos and videos of alleged paranormal encounters

 By: KELSEY WEEKMAN, AOL.COM          Feb 27th 2017

Charles Brandon claims he can see dead people. He wants you to see them, too.

Ever since the 50 year old moved into his Brooklyn home in 2010, he’s had frequent encounters with what he calls “paranormal beings.” Doors mysteriously open, cups are thrown and ghostly visions appear in his mirrors. But Brandon doesn’t live in a “haunted house” like you see in the movies, he told AOL.com. “There’s nothing special about this house — every home has dead people” he said. “Some are just weigh stations or portals for the dead.”

He said he has been given a special gift through which he can telepathically communicate with the dead, but he doesn’t know how it happened. “I think the spirits saw what I was going through — that I just kept taking all the bad things that happened in my life — and they were impressed,” he said. “I’m like a 21st century Job. I’ve been through every trial imaginable.”

Brandon claims he can summon spirits, and he thinks that anyone can see them when they are present. He wants to share the spirits he sees in his home through his YouTube channel “A Brooklyn Haunting,” where he has shared some of his hundreds of videos.

Brandon is constantly frustrated that no one seems to believe him, but there’s not much else he can do besides keep trying. “You don’t choose the paranormal,” he told AOL.com. “The paranormal chooses you.”

For more photos and details on this article, please visit “A Brooklyn Haunting” FEATURED on AOL News

“No one on the planet has ever been able to capture anything I have done on video, no paranormalist, no psychic, no scientist, and no lament. That is because I have been given an AUTHORITY not power to do what I do, from the Most High…If you believe in the spiritual, paranormal, life after death, or even if you don’t believe, then please look at my videos and pictures… SHARE them with your friends… You want to get people’s attention on your social media sites? THIS is the way to do it! I have been given a very rare and special gift, I can see, speak, and summon the dead and they respond. ( I am willing to prove this in person ) pick a house, place, and bring two mirrors 8X and 6X ZOOM.” ~Charles M. Brandon

Check out this one of his most fascinating videos:

Brandon aka is not a ghost hunter or a medium — he thinks of himself more as a “civil rights activist” for ghosts. He is currently unemployed and seeking funds to be able to start his own spirit-summoning television show, where he will hopefully prove his critics wrong. Donations can also be made through PayPal to brooklynhaunting@gmail. Branson is also open to investors.
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